Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend and Home

Friday 28th September

We had a lie today as we were going to Tibberton Village Hall for breakfast. We wandered down the road arriving at 8.30am and were the first people there. The volunteers for the MacMillan “Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning” gave us a warm welcome and knew Phoenix was coming as the Postmistress had told them to expect us. We were treated to lovely hot croissants with fresh strawberry jam and coffee all nicely served on a tray. They kept coming round asking if we wanted more and then if we wanted some of the delicious home made cakes they had on display.

* Home Made Cakes
As school time approached more villagers came in and we had a great time chatting to them and the young children patted Phoenix which she loved.
There were lots of raffle prizes but as we could not collect them if we won we just left a donation as it is a very worthwhile cause to support and then wended our way back to the boat.

* Raffle Prizes
We motored off quietly as unusually the hire boats were still there with their curtains drawn, possibly because the Severn is in flood and their cruising range is restricted.
The canal is very narrow for most of the journey to Hanbury wharf as the reeds have grown in from both sides, luckily we did not meet any other boats on the move and when we got to Hanbury the moorings were empty.

* Reeds take over the channel.
We turned left and entered the Droitwich Junction Canal to go down the three locks to the marina. Two volunteers were on duty and helped us through the locks as we were the first boat they had seen.
As we negotiated the locks the wind got up and became quite strong as we entered the marina, fortunately the entrance is of the modern type and is in fact biggest in the country. They have even set the entrance back into the marina a little more than normal to counteract the narrowness of the navigation channel of the canal. We moored stern first onto the pontoon and were grateful for the bow thrusters help to counteract the now very strong wind.

* Droitwich Marina
When we had moored up and took a look around we noticed that we were directly pointing at Hadzor Hall, Hadzor being the home of Atumn Myst.

* Hadzor Hall
We tided up the boat, packed away our summer clothes and loaded them into the car and headed for home.

Saturday 29th September

Busy day firstly, getting in some shopping as the cupboards were bare, and then setting the washing machine and drier in motion.
After lunch I took Phoenix to the local Sainsbury’s to help support the Guide Dog Collection Day. It is amazing the effect a puppy has on the level of donations and GD’s raised over £450.
June went to have her hair done and visit her mother.
Later we just collapsed and had an early night.

Sunday 30th September

Today we went to Pat’s 85th birthday celebration lunch at Honily Court hotel and had a great time with all her friends and relations.
We had planned to come back to the boat by train and taxi on Monday morning but June’s brother, Leslie, volunteered to bring us back by car, for which we were so grateful, as we were back on board by 5.45pm and soon had the fire lit and the boat warm and cosy.

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