Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Chance Meeting

Monday 17th September
Later start to day motoring down to Autherley Junction where we filled up with water just before the Napton Hire Boat base. Bill & Jackie this is another option for the 4 counties ring.

* Napton Hire Boats
Whilst we were filling with water we spotted a large shoal of fish in the outflow from the Sewage works. Presumably this is because the water is crystal clear and well oxygenated.

* Fish in sewage outflow.
Went through the stop lock and turned right down the Staffs and Worcester Canal. Gave Doug and James a call on Nb Chance as we had arranged to meet them at Wightwick as they were coming from Coven. It turned out that they were ahead of us at the 2nd lock.
We called in at Lime Kiln Chandlers for a pump out (£10) and a bottle of gas and I did my usual trick and let my foot drop in the water as I was opening the bow hatch, will I never learn.
Moored up behind Nb Chance and invited the boys for coffee and home made biscuits and chatted away about all sorts of things until lunch time.
After lunch we all went across the road to visit NT Wightwick Manor, the home of the Mander Paint empire.  Although the house was only built in the late 1800’s it was an intriguing place to visit and they even allowed us to take Phoenix into the house.
Well worth a visit if you are passing this way.

* Wightwick House

* Wightwick gardens

* The Nb Chance and Nb Autumn Myst teams
We returned to the boat about 5pm and later went across the road to the Mermaid Pub for a meal together. By the time we got back there were boats moored either side of us.

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