Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Monday 3rd September

Left the mooring at 8.30 and motored through Hawksbury Junction, still a couple of mooring spots on the Oxford side but the Coventry side was full to past the overflow on the bend. Met a couple of old working boats on the way to Marston Junction where we met up with 2 more working boats having just come out of the junction and another came out as we came through the bridge. This was followed by Nb Levick who followed on after us. They had all been to the Shackerstone Festival over the weekend where there were over 60 working boats and many others attending.
The canal was busy with boats going the opposite all the way through Nuneaton and onto our mooring spot.
On route we passed the Valley Cruisers Hire Base at Wood Bridge and took a picture for Bill and Jackie. They always look very smart boats and it is a nice place from which to start you hire.

* Valley Cruisers.
Moored up at lunch time near to bridge 36 with lovely views over the canal.

* View from side hatch
As soon as we moored we had the new ducklings come knocking on the boat to be fed and they would not go away until we gave them some bread.

* Youngster came calling.
After lunch we had a nice walk into Atherstone for some provisions and June spotted some nice shoes which she bought. We then returned to have tea and home made cake sitting on the bank enjoying the lovely sunshine. By this time a two more boats had joined us and we had a good chat with the couple off Nb Jeaname, a boat which had featured in Canal Boat after the crick Show.

Tuesday 4th September

Awoke to a lovely sunny morning and left early following an old working boat which had passed us at about 7.45 am down the Atherstone flight.

* June working the locks.
Phoenix relaxed in her usual spot in the engine room whilst we worked down the first five locks.

* Phoenix relaxes whilst we travel

* June exercising Phoenix in the longer pounds.
Made good progress down the locks and stopped at Bradley Green for water. No sooner had we moored up than 4 other boats came wanting water so it was lucky that we arrived when we did.
Carried on and moored just after bridge 50 where we were the only boat moored. By the evening a small town had grown up and we spent quite a time chatting to the other boaters.

* The Town
Got chatting to the owners on Nb Levick, who it turned out moored at Brinklow, and had been at the Marina BBQ the previous week which we attended. Not only that but they were also friends of Nb Fair fa another Sandhills boat. It’s a small world on the canal!
Their dog, Buddy, and Phoenix had a great plan and we did not hear much of all evening.

* Nb Levick
Despite it clouding over a little at lunchtime the afternoon and evening were lovely and the sunset was something to behold.

* Sunset on the Coventry

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