Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to save £50k

Tuesday 18th September
Set off with Nb Chance on our way to Swindon. Made good progress to Bratch Locks where we were able to go straight down as they are a unique group of three locks which appear to be a staircase but with gates between each lock. They actually have side ponds but they are not readily visible.

* Bracth Locks
Carried on to Wombourne Bridge where we moored up and visited Sainsbury’s supermarket adjacent to the bridge, very useful store.

* Chance waiting at Lock.

* Doug and June walking Phoenix between locks
At Marsh Lock one of the top paddles would not go fully down and it was a slow decent but fortunately we were both able to get through ok.

* Botterham Staircase Locks

* Canalside Cottage
* Doug Working the Locks

On route we spotted this Tree Boat which if it had been put to good use in Birmingham would have saved C & RT £50,000.

* Natural Tree Boat
Reached Swindon but there were no spaces at the official moorings so motored on towards the next lock and found a nice spot, later Nb Dolly Blue joined us.
We had afternoon tea and home made coffee cake aboard Autumn Myst while June showed Doug how to complete the crochet mooring pin covers which he was making  out of Supermarket Bags whilst Bob and James discussed boats.
After dinner we gather in Nb Chance for a great evening, their hospitality is second to non and we now realise why they have made so many friends on the cut.


  1. 50k ridiculous isn't it. Had a bit of a rant about it on my blog yesterday -James

  2. Hi James and Debbie
    Great to hear from you and I must say I like your pictures of the Trees.
    I wonder if anybody asks how many licence fees were required to pay for it.
    Perhaps then they might think again.
    Hope to catch up with you again sometime in the future.
    Bob and June