Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Heading Back

Sunday 16th September

Made an early start as we had to travel to Norbury Junction to wind.

* Crew at helm

* Norbury Junction
As we neared the Junction spotted Yew Tew the Sandhills boat built just before ours and which we went to see launched. Had a quick word with David as we passed by.

* Yew Tew another Sandhills Boat
Motored on back through Gnosal and on to Wheaton Ashton where we passed Taylors garage the supplier of the cheapest fuel on the cut.

* Taylors Garage
June walked Phoenix up to the lock as I trickled through the moored boats, She ended up helping the boat in front through the locks and then showing two hire boats how to operate a lock as this was the first that both had encountered even though they were travelling in opposite directions.
The following stretch of canal travels through some lovely tree lined areas and in some parts you feel that you are going through a tree tunnel.

* Canal of Trees.
Moored up at bridge 7 and cleaned the roof of bird poo which the kind crows at Gnosal had deposited overnight.
Charlie Beere moored behind us and it is different to most boats in that the engine is in the bow and the drive is via hydraulics. Make sit very quiet at the stern.

* Charlie Beere
By the time we went to bed there were at least 5 boats moored outside the 48hr moorings including Yew Tew which was in a group of 6 boats from their maraina

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