Friday, 21 September 2012

Thursday 20th September
Left the boys on Chance to explore Kinver and headed for Stourport. The Staffs and Worcester is a lovely winding canal with some very narrow sections due to the overhanging sandstone rock.
As we left Kinver we passed houses on the canal side which do not have road access so all the furniture etc has to be brought to them by boat.

* Kinver Cottage
At Debdale lock there is even a large cave cut out of the adjacent rock. Ideal kingfisher country and we were not disappointed as we saw two.
There are a lot of Mobile Home sites dotted along the canal and at Austcliff they have their own railway signal.

* Austcliff Signal
Next came Cookley tunnel which goes right under the village, we had thought we might have stopped there but there was no mooring.

* Cookley Tunnel

* Nice Lockside Cottage
We entered Kidderminster through some nice new housing developments much improved on when we last came this way 35 years ago. Plenty of nice shops and mooring including M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury etc.

* Lovley view of Kidderminster Church as you pass under the ring road.
The locks through Kidderminster have anit-vandle keys so just beware.
We found a nice mooring for the night between bridge 5 and the lock into the basin at Stourport and then went to Limekiln Chandlers to collect the Water Can June had ordered from Sam.

* Stourport Mooring

* Water Can
Later the boys on Chance joined us after they had picked up Adam at Kidderminster and came into Autumn Myst for Tea and Biscuits.
A major search was required to find a suitable eating place in Stourport as there seemed to be a dire shortage of places. The boys picked out The Steps Inn in Gilgal Street and after drinks aboard Chance we walked down to Steps. We had a great meal at a very reasonable price, 2 courses for £10. The evening was the usual fun affair with the boys and Phoenix joined in by chewing yet another lead in half. Fortunately this time there was enough left to get her home without resorting to my belt.
Nightcap aboard Autumn Myst.

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