Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday 2nd September
Back on the Boat

Arrived at the boat on Saturday at about 5 pm, after I had played golf in the morning, and unloaded the car of the last few things we needed to bring with us. We had brought most of the food and clothes over on Friday, leaving Phoenix at home so that we could put everything away without interruption.

We were awoken at 5 am on Sunday morning by Phoenix wanting to go out, which is most unusual for her, so after donning my waterproof and shoes I headed out into the dark morning for her to spend on the grass at the end of the pontoon. What a great shame the nice light mornings have begun to disappear.
After filling up with water and fixing the netting around the stern to keep you know who from falling off the back of the boat we left the mooring just before 9 am.
Just before All Oaks Wood we spotted this lovely little steam launch preparing to leave its mooring

* Steam Launch 1
and immediately after I spotted another Sandhill’s boat, Nb Still Waters; would have stopped for a chat but nobody was up so motored on through the wood and found on the other side another Sandhill’s boat Nb Fair Fa, again nobody was up, great shame as we would have loved to have a chat with Sheila and Pat as we had met them and their dog in Birmingham last year.
I wonder if they know that Nb Still Waters is just short distance in front of them.
 * Nb Still Waters

* Nb Fair fa

The canal was very busy with lots of boats heading towards Hillmorton and we followed a Viking hire boat from Stretton Stop to just past the M69 bridge.

As I wanted to watch the Grand Prix we moored up just after the Coventry Cruising Club for lunch and watched the race, nice to see Jenson with a win. Although there is the noise of the adjacent M6 motorway we decided to stop here and wash the boat which had become very dusty from the ash track around the marina.

* The Mooring
We had tea and home made cake sitting on the bank in the sun. As we put the bits a away a large Bumble Bee decided to buzz Phoenix. It must have upset her because she decided to jump into the boat via the side hatch. She had not realised that she was attached to her lead and a spike into the ground. Fortunately there was enough lead for her land safely in the boat. A lesson learned, don’t tie her up near the side hatch.

* Phoenix new boat entrance
Afterwards I walked Phoenix to Hawksbury Junction and met up with Nb Midsummer which we had seen earlier in August, just north of Watford Locks. I noticed them because they still had the two baskets of flowers on the bow which I had photographed as I thought how nice they looked. We had a nice chat before I had to rush off back to the boat for dinner.


  1. Pat and Sheila now have a matching three month old puppy as well. They moored next to us briefly in Fazeley, as well as the two dogs they also had three grandchildren aboard - rather hem than me :-)

  2. Hi James and Debbie
    Great to hear from you and many thanks for the info on Pat and Sheila. Glad that you have met more Sandhills owners. Hope that you are enjoying your new life on the canal. At least the weather has now improved for you.
    Look forward to catching up with you again
    Bob June and Phoenix.