Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Winter Day Out

As the forecast was good for today decided to give the boat a run to make sure that it does not get the winter blues.
Autumn Myst was snuggled up beside its neighbour Mandarin which is a share boat and does not stay in the marina very often.
Left the marina in bright sunshine heading for Rugby. The sun was so bright I had to shade my eyes for most of the way there. Set the C/H to come on powered from the engine cooling system so that I could check it still worked OK.

Passed Colin and Jane hoping for a coffee but the cafe was closed, what bad timing!!
The canal seemed busy as I had to wait for a passing boat before I could exit the marina, encountered another at bridge 42 and another next to Slow Gin. I met two more as I left the tunnel and went through bridge 50 and a third as I winded. Why is it you always meet another boat at the most difficult places. 

Decided not to stop at the Barley Mow for lunch as I had bought a roll from the village shop in Brinklow, and very nice it was.
One of the many interesting old boats you find on your travels.

Negotiating the tight entrance to the marina, no traffic on the way back.

Entering the marina, the sun has disappeared and the wind got up just when you don't want it too as it makes mooring a bit more difficult. However reversed onto the pontoon and moored with out a problem. Decided to check out the Hurricane C/H whilst Ihad a cup of coffee and washed up the lunch things and prepared the boat for leaving.