Saturday, 8 September 2012

Thursday 6th September

Reversed across to Peels Wharf for water and then set off towards Huddlesford Junction to meet up with Carolann and Graham. As we reached Hopwas they texted to say that there was no mooring space so had moved on to Whittington and moored up between bridges 78 and 79. As we approached their mooring we came across the Gnome garden.

* Gnome garden
Moored next to Autumn Years and Acen and we all sat on the bank enjoying coffee and biscuits which later developed into wine. The catch up chat went on and we decided we had better have some lunch about 3pm. Later they all came down to Autumn Myst for afternoon tea.

* Afternoon Tea bankside in the sun
Jo and John had a look around our boat and told us that they were thinking of a new one and were considering Sandhills to fit it out should they decide to go ahead.
In the evening we all went to the Dog Inn for a meal; Phoenix was excellent in the restaurant and we ended up on Autumn Years for a nightcap.

Friday 7th September

First thing in the morning I took Phoenix a walk around Whittington village to the Post office to get a paper and cursed because I had not got my camera. We passed the lovely Whittington Old Hall and two new cottages which had been built out of old timber and bricks to look just like old cottages. (Aptly named Old Timbers).
Passing the bus stop I noticed that the 765 bus went to Litchfield every ½ an hour so when I returned to the boat I suggested a trip into the city. Jo and John decided to move on to Fazeley but Carolann and Graham came with us on the 10-15 minute trip.
First port of call was a visit to the Cathedral which is unusual in that it only has 3 spires.

* The Rabble in Litchfield

* Litchfield Cathedral across the pool

* Litchfield Cathedral
It’s a lovely cathedral and after our visit we went across to the cathedral coffee shop for a mid morning break. We sat in the garden enjoying the lovely weather.
Returning to the shops we came across Isobel a 10 week old Guide Dog pup and had to stop and have a cuddle.

* Isobel 10 weeks old
 We came across a great Men’s shop and both Graham and I were encouraged by the girls to have a spend up. After lunch we caught the bus back to the boat and spent what remained of the afternoon chatting on the bank and enjoying the hot weather.
Later we had our usual competitive game of cards and unusually it was Graham that won, just piping June on the last hand.

Saturday 8th September

Said our goodbyes to C & G and headed off in opposite directions. At Streethay Wharf we met a day boat with a group celebrating their wedding anniversary, so wished them all the best and pressed on towards Fradley.

* Anniversary Boat
As we a approached the junction a boat coming the other way opened the swing bridge and we were able to go through and turn left up to the first lock.
Luck was on our side again as a boat was coming down so we were able to go straight in and the same with the next two locks where there were at least 5 boats waiting to come down at each lock.
We motored on to just passed Kings Bromley marina and moored up in a sunny spot with a nice bit of shade for myself and Phoenix.
The canal was busy with a lot of traffic heading towards Fradley Junction.

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