Saturday, 7 May 2016

Wigan 21 - Saturday 7th May

The first pound was about 2 feet down on the overflow level and the bottom was uncovered in several places. The second lock was full so I would guess that it was leakage from the lock overnight which had caused it to happen. We entered the lock and a C & RT guy came down to say that he was letting some water down and it would be about 3/4 hour before the level was ok to proceed. June went off to get the paper whilst I did a bit of roof polishing.


After the 2 locks on the Leigh Branch comes Wigan junction with Liverpool to the left and Leeds to the right.


We turned right and who should be just walking down the first lock but Mark and Wendy who had come to help us up the flight. What great timing after an early start for them. We began to negotiate the first of the Wigan 21 locks raising the boat some 214feet 7 inches to a height above sea level of over 300 feet with still another 120 feet to go to reach the summit.IMG_7076

The towpath was quite busy with walkers and cyclists enjoying the sunny weather.IMG_7079

Mark with his training back pack on doing the locks and hoping to get fit for his triathlon.


On the other side were Carolann, June and Wendy doing what girls do best.IMG_7081

We stopped for coffee in the pound after lock 78 and then had some magnificent views over Wigan from half way up the flight. Almost level with the steeple of the church.


Reaching the top it was time to enjoy a refreshing pint and then a delicious meal at the Kirkless Pub sitting outside in the sun. Excellent value for money food and drink.a3

At the top lock is the T junction at what used to be the southern end of the Lancaster Canal.


We had moored right outside the Hovis factory and Graham was quick to notice this sign on the factory wall and I could not resist photographing it.a1

After lunch we said our goodbyes to Mark and Wendy and motored on to moor up opposite Haig Hall G.C.with super views across the valley and over the golf course.a2

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