Monday, 2 May 2016

Flashes and Lifts–Monday 2nd May

We made and early start to try and beat the band of rain due to sweep across the area later in the morning. We soon came to the Bramble Cuttings mooring with its rail track and loading ramp just like Wigan Peir. Broken Cross Boating Club has made a lovely job of restoring the old Clay Pit wharf and placing picnic tables and chairs along the bank.IMG_6968

Along this stretch of canal are several Flashes, areas of subsidence which have filled with water and wildfowl and reminds me very much of the Norfolk Broads scenery.IMG_6970

The new Park Farm Marina does not seem to have progressed much since we were here 4 years ago although there were a few boats now moored there.IMG_6976

I am always intrigued by the many and varied types of boats we see as we cruise along and here are a couple we spotted today.a2

Having travelled through lovely countryside we were suddenly in the heart of the Tata Chemical works at Northwich. Quite a shock to the system.a1

Outside the Lion Salt Works museum were moored the old working boats from the Black Country Museum, Kildare and The President, who gave us a couple of blasts on his steam whistle as we went by.IMG_6984

We moored up just before the rain started at the Anderton Boat Lift and had a our lunch whilst we waited for the rain to pass. We went down onto the River Weaver via the lift last time we were here and so I only went to have a look around the shop. The cafe was full with visitors having lunch.IMG_6989

The rain stopped just after 1.00 pm so we set off again and passed this effigy of a pirate watching over the passing boats.IMG_6994

The banks on this length of the canal are covered with wild Garlic and Bluebells making it a very pleasant journey particularly when the sun came out.a3

At the entrance to the Barnton Tunnel we had to wait whilst two boats came through from the north. At least it is straight enough to be able to see the other end.


We approached the Saltersford Tunnel right on the hour which meant we could go straight through. Boats travelling north have right of passage from the top of the hour to 20 mins past. and those travelling south from the half hour for 20 mins. It is only 202 yds long but is very twisty and at one point I could not see Autumn Years which was travelling just a few yds in front of me as it negotiated the bends.


We motored on for a short while and moored up for the night over looking the River Weaver and its pretty valley.

Although we have seen lots of swans on their nests and others with eggs these were the first signets we have seen as they gently swam by during the afternoon.IMG_7006

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