Friday, 13 May 2016

Into Yorkshire - Friday 13th May

Last night we had a good view of the lights of Burnley and this morning we set off with high cloud but still a very brisk cool wind. Reaching the Foulridge Tunnel we had to wait until the Red Lights changed at 8.30 am so that we could continue our journey. The 1640 yd.  tunnel is wide and straight and we were through in about 12 minutes.


At bridge 149 we left Autumn Years in Lancashire as we went into Yorkshire. No welcome sign though like going the other way.IMG_7193

I know men like to have a shed to hide in but this was a real luxury shed being towed behind a wide beam. It even had arm chairs and tables on the patio.


We soon reached Lower Park Marina in Barnoldswick where I called in to get replacement batteries fitted. James was extremely helpful and did a great job of removing the very heavy batteries I had in the boat and installing the new ones. So thanks James for all your help and hope the bosses wife has finally given birth. We wish them all well. Filled up with diesel at base price of 60p / ltr. Shire Cruiser have based several of their boats here due to the floods in December closing their normal cruising ground.


Spotted this lovely little stream and waterfall in one of the gardens backing on to the cut in the town.


After lunch we moved on to the Greenfield flight of 3 locks. Each one had different paddle gear and the one had this lever mechanism to operate the ground paddle. As usual the locks were at all sorts of angles to one another.


The countryside changes to lush green fields with distant views of the moors, quite a contrast to the west side of the Pennines. The bridge at East Marton is an unusual double decker with the upper archway carrying the slopping roadway up the hill. We moored up out in the country with magnificent views and could look back and see a boat we had passed on the other side of the valley almost opposite us.b2

At East Marton we had to reverse out of the bridge hole to allow Barge Kennet to come through. They are travelling from Leeds to Liverpool to commemorate 200 years since the canal opened.


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