Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes–Tuesday 10th May

Where has the sun gone. Today we awoke to high cloud and a cool breeze it having rained over night.  Moving around the corner we came to the Boat Yard Pub where we had a lovely meal when we came up to look at a possible hire boat a few years ago. Unfortunately it did not meet our requirements and so we have had to wait until now to travel the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.IMG_7126

Soon the Blackburn suburbs came into view  with some nice tidy gardens backing onto the canal including this one with a telephone and post box on the canal frontage.


As we neared the centre we went across a short embankment with views over the valley and Burnley Football ground far below us.d4

The six Blackburn Locks took us up another 55 feet to the summit pound and this lock had some interesting features in that Carolann had to step out onto a platform over the lock to wind the gate paddle down and the bye wash is replaced with water pouring over the top gates in spectacular fashion.


Locks of course are never in  a straight line and always follow the contours so we had to negotiate some interesting turns in between locks.


Adjacent to Bridge 101 is a 24 hour ASDA. Mooring up on some rings we went and spent some more money on food. You would think we were in the Artic with all the supplies we have on board.

The town is full of interesting old Mill and Warehouses some of which have been re-utilised and others which look derelict. The houses in the bottom right hand picture are unusual in that they have a roof which slopes down at the angle of the street and yet the windows are horizontal making them very different.d1

Although Blackburn is an urban environment it was quite a pleasure to sail through and we were soon in the open country where we moored up for the night with these horses for company.d2

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