Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Sunday 8th May

This morning was Carolann’s birthday so we had to find somewhere special to celebrate.


We left our mooring later this morning as I had to spend some time removing a hoodie type garment which was tightly wrapped around our prop. However, there were some lovely views across the River Douglas Valley to enjoy whilst I did the job.IMG_7094

The canal to Adlington is very pretty and quite a contrast to that of Wigan with lovely trees coming into blossom along the towpath.IMG_7097

There are also great views of the Pennines and where we are going to have to climb in the coming days.


These masts stand on hills which rise to over 1500 feet, but at least we get a good TV reception.


We moored up in Adlington on the towpath; there are 48 hr Visitor Moorings on the off side adjacent to Jubilee Park. After morning coffee Graham and I went for a walk into the town to see if we could find a suitable place for a birthday Sunday lunch. We found the Retreat a lovely Grill, Bar, Restaurant in an old church. It had only been open 2 months and is already a very popular place such that you have to book for Sunday lunch.  It is a very smart place and serves lots of different cocktails which we could see being prepared from our table on the balcony. The food was excellent and plenty of it such that I could not finish all my roast beef dinner and had to refuse a sweet and June could not finish her whole roast chicken after a starter of toasted asparagus. B1

Sunday lunch is priced at 2 courses for £13 or three for £16 and my word you would need to have a big appetite to have the three courses.

Returning to the boat we decided to motor on passed the BWML marina which is closed on a Sunday and Monday and into the country area where we moored up for the night.

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  1. Am going to enjoy this trip across the Pennines....Seeing it in the springtime.