Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Weather Forecasters, not a hope – Wednesday 18th May

Last night the forecast for today was Rain Rain Rain. We did have some in the night but today has been a great day with sunshine and the odd short light shower this morning. Because of the forecast we decided to stay put in Skipton as we could not get a bus to Harrogate until 4.30 in the afternoon and there was no return bus (strange timetable)  We had hoped to go to Betties for Tea.

So as an alternative we booked lunch at the Herriot Hotel adjacent to where we were moored. They had an offer on of 50% off at lunchtime so the prices were very reasonable. I had the Beef and Ale Pie which was one of the best pies I have had when dining out.




After lunch we visited the Market which was set up in the High Street and then explored more of the local shops. The town was bustling with coach tour visitors as it had been yesterday. We have seen a lot more boats on the move today than we have seen on the whole of the trip up here, some stopping in the town and others sailing through.

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