Monday, 9 May 2016

Still Climbing–Monday 9th May

This morning we had a late start as we wanted to call into PB Mechanical Services for a pump out and they do not open until 10.00am or there about. They used and old pump which looked like a nodding donkey used in the oil industry but it did a great job for £10.

We motored on passing Frederick’s Ice Cream Parlour adjacent to Bridge 73a. They are a family run business and produce over 120 different flavours well know for their quality in this part of the world.

c8Soon we entered Lancashire and on towards Chorley with more new houses on the outskirts.but with lovely views to the surrounding hills.IMG_7105 At Botany Bay Moorings we stopped to fill up with water and have our lunch before pressing on passed the Botany Bay Village shopping centre.c7

The wind was very strong now with gusts of over 22 mph which made it difficult to steer in a straight line up the wide open stretches.

There are some lovely houses backing onto the canal at the bottom of the Johnson’s Hill Locks and one even had a fully stocked bar next to its BBQ. Shame we could not stop.IMG_7111

The bottom lock has what appears to be a river entering from the left but there did not appear to be any flow on it. The sign at the side of the lock tells us we still have 79 miles to go to reach Leeds.c1

Working well as a team we soon caught up a wide beam and narrow beam boat heading up in front of us. The views over the surrounding countryside are lovely from the locks. Carolann was up ahead preparing the next lock whilst June and Graham tend to the current lock.c6

Some of the locks are at very difficult angles to one another, particularly with the gusty wind and made it difficult to navigate in the pounds. At the top lock a boat was moored on the lock landing transferring bedding and equipment from their car onto the boat. They expected us to wait while they did this instead of letting us go up the lock but aswe had already been waiting for the two boats in front to go up we carried on up and they were only just ready when we had exited the lock.c4

Motoring on towards Riley Green we went  through some magnificent views and were treated to these young cows rushing down to the canal for a drink as we passed by. We found a nice spot to moor overnight just passed the M65 motorway and enjoyed afternoon tea and cake sitting on the bank in the sunshine.c5

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