Friday, 6 May 2016

Short Trip - Friday 6th May

Walked into Plank to the Newsagent for a paper.and noted that there is also a Spa shop, Indian and Fish and Chip shop amongst others.

This morning we made an earlier start than we intended because we saw the mower and strimmer men coming down the towpath, so pulled the pins in order that they could mow past us. We gently motored on to Plank Lane swing bridge which is actually a lift bridge. Boaters cannot operate the bridge between 8.00 and 9.30 to avoid the rush hour traffic, and it is a busy road.IMG_7071

We moored up at Scotman’s Flash which is separated from Ince Moss by a causeway with a concrete towpath and forms part of the Wigan Flashes, former mining subsidence areas now flood and turned into a Nature Reserve. 


We enjoyed morning coffee and afternoon tea sitting on the bank watching the boats sailing on the Flash and the water fowl enjoying themselves. These little goslings were enjoying the warm weather on the edge of the canal with mom and dad protecting them from passers bye.IMG_7075

Later I went a walk up to Wigan Junction and heard the first Cuckcoo over Ince Moss. 

Today we heard that Tiana has been accepted onto the Guide Dog Breeding Programme so we are looking forward to having one of her pups in the future.

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