Monday, 1 April 2013

We are Off at Last - Sunday 31st March 2013

Having returned home on Thursday as the weather was so cold, we decided to return to the boat on Sunday as the weather is forecast to be dry if very cold and the rivers are now coming off the red boards.
We left home in bright sunshine, but arrival at the marina was greeted with cloudy skies and the water covered in ice. This gradually thawed by about 5pm and one or two brave soles ventured out onto the cut.
Iced marina
Jean and Graham joined us for dinner in the evening having given me a lift to the marina. Jean had to strip off multiple layers as she had not realised that the boat would be so warm with the coal fire going.
When they left for home we were able to watch the programme on Andrew Lloyd Weber which we had recorded on June’s new video recorder, (another thing for which I have to thank Doug!!!). Shattered we retired to bed to tired even to read.

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