Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Glorious Sun - Tuesday 2nd April 2013

We woke to a glorious sunny morning and the sound of breaking ice as a couple of boats made an early start. June was up first and decided to take Phoenix a walk which was a lovely change for me. We left the mooring at 9am heading into Braunston with the small iced areas having been broken up by the previous traffic. We had our usual lovely view of Braunston church high up on the hill with the lambs frolicing in the fields below.
2apr Braunston Church
Braunston was fairly quiet and we only met one other boat on the move as we turned off towards Napton junction. Near to Flecknoe we met Nb Lois Jane moored (another Sandhills Boat) and stopped to chat to Debbie and James who have opted for a year (or two) out of the rat race and seem to be enjoying their new life. They were waiting around Braunston for Freeky Friday at Midland Chandlers to make good use of the discounts for their purchases. I must say Nb LJ was looking very smart. Hopefully we can meet up again in London or on the K & A later in the year.
With the wind behind us and the sun in front we were warm as toast even though we could see the snow still lying in the hollows on the surrounding hills.
2apr Snow on the Hills
We motored on passing Napton Junction and then spotted Nb Mi Amigo Braidbar No129 for sale at Napton Marina. So Graham and Carolann here is your chance for a new boat!!!
2apr Napton Junction
Phoenix decided that she would make a better helmsman than me and decided to try and take the controls. Luckily there were no other boats about.
2apr Phoenix At the helm
With Napton on the Hill Windmill coming into view we knew we were close to the locks. It is an iconic sight and can be seen from miles away as you approach from the south.
2apr Napton Windmill
At Napton Bottom Lock we met Nb Queen of the May (another Sandhills boat) coming down. The owner had bought it two and a half years ago after the previous owner had had it re-painted and it still looked like new. Q of M was the first Sandhills boat we saw and was the reason we chose them. It was 10years old and looked still looked like it had just come out of the boatyard.
We made good progress through the locks even though we were following another boat. Half way up we passed the old pillbox with the Post Office Tower in the background.
2apr Pillbox and PO Tower
We moored up just after the top lock in a nice spot sheltered from the wind and in the full sun. After lunch it was nice and warm so I washed the starboard side of the boat whilst June cleaned the windows inside and out. I then took Phoenix a walk along the canal the one an half miles to Bridge 123 and back before dinner.
2apr Napton Top Lock
Do you like June’s earmuffs!!!

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