Monday, 8 April 2013

Monkey Rescue from Canal - Monday 8th April 2013

A very much warmer night and a cloudy start to the day with still that cool wind but later the sun came out making a lovely end to the day.
Left the mooring and motored very slowly all the way to Kidlington as there were boats moored all the way from Thrupp. At the first lock we caught up with a hire boat and followed it all the way to Drinkwater Lift bridge where we were able to go ahead and negotiate Dukes Lock first. Motoring on we went through the Agenda 21 Residential moorings which are a part of Oxfords character.
7 Apr Agenda 21
As we motored through the moored boats progress is so slow that we were even caught and  overtaken by a family in a Canadian canoe.
7 Apr Canoe
About a mile out of Oxford we met Doug who had walked up to find us and we followed him back to moor behind Nb Chance at the end of the Oxford Canal. It was great to see the both and Phoenix went made as soon as she heard Doug’s voice. Since which we have not been able to do a thing with her.
7 Apr meeting Chance

Why Monkey Rescue, well Phoenix dropped her toy monkey into the canal as we were motoring through the agenda 21 moorings and we had to reverse a little distance to retrieve it.

The end of the Oxford Canal.
7 Apr End Of Oxford

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