Thursday, 25 April 2013

Romeo Rabbit - Thursday 25th April 2013

June’s back had been suffering from too many locks and after a particularly bad night we made the decision to curtail our trip and head slowly back towards home. It was a difficult decision but one which had to be made and we hoped that Doug and James would be able to continue their trip to Bristol sharing the locks with Nb. Tacet who were to leave that morning.
Saying our farewells we reversed the boat to the winding hole and headed back towards the Thames.
F Fairwell to chance
The little family of Mallard ducklings June had been feeding had survived the night and came to the side hatch to wish us a good journey as we left the mooring.
e Babies being fed
I could not resist taking a picture of this boat “My Newt” as I think it goes nicely with “Along Shortly” a similar sized boat we saw last year.
G My Newt
A delightful little house on the side of the canal which would make any canal lover a fantastic home.
H Canalside Home
A little while after we had moored up a young couple came walking by with a rabbit on a lead and as June loves Rabbits we had to stop them and have a chat. Romeo as he is called is 2 years old and is house trained to the extent that he uses a litter tray like a cat and goes everywhere with them. He apparently loves kisses and cuddles and certainly seemed happy lying in the girls arms.
H Romeo Rabbit


  1. So sorry to hear you are suffering so much June. It was lovely meeting you both, take care on your journey back and your own back.
    Love Karen

  2. So sorry to hear about June's back but i remember only too well how tough that canal is re locks. Someone recently said to us that the only way to tackle it is no more than 6 miles a day! Hope you can take it more slowly back - it is a beautiful canal. xxoo

  3. Hi Ian and Karen
    Thank you for your kind thoughts for June.
    It was lovely to meet you as well, just a pity we were not able to have enjoyed further interesting chatty evenings. You may well overtake us on your return trip as we intend to enjoy it at a more leisurely pace.
    Best wishes
    Bob June and Phoenix

  4. Hi Angela
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and we do intend to take it at a more leisurely pace on the return journey.
    best wishes
    Bob June and Phoenix