Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dundas to Bath - Wednesday 24th April 2013

We left the mooring and gently motored across the aqueduct to fill with water at the wharf whilst we waited for Nb Chance to catch up with us. Chance arrived at the same time as a very wide wide beam came into the basin fortunately June had warned James as you cannot see anything coming around the right angle bend at the wharf.
We motored on slowly through lines of moored boats all the way to Bath passing the old George Inn at Bathampton.
a1 George Inn Bathampton
The entrance to Bath proper is through some delightful bridges surrounded by formal parklands where Phoenix enjoyed her early morning walk. The building on top, Cleveland House,was once the headquarters of the canal company and the cast iron bridges date back to1800.
2 Bath Bridges
We moored up before Bath Top Lock and just in front of Nb Tacet, ready for the journey down the river to Bristol and then we all went off exploring the town and in my case to change my Hotter shoes whose soles had cracked earlier in the holiday. Phoenix brought the shop to a standstill as customers and staff all vied to make a fuss of her, this she just took in her stride, of course.
3 Bath
The famous river weir is also a spectacular sight as is the cathedral as well as the usual tourist haunts of the Roman Baths, Royal Crescent, Jane Austin Centre all of which we have visited on previous trips to the city. The Seagull was a real poser standing on the parapet for tourist to take his photo.
Returning to the boat tired and foot weary for a late afternoon tea and home made cake I left June to recover and took Phoenix a walk down the Widecombe lock flight to the river. The last but one lock is 19 feet 5 inches deep and is the result of combing two locks during a road building scheme. The locks are still in an attractive setting with weeping willow trees and large side pounds and the old pump house.
4 Bath Locks
Later we, and Ian and Karen from Nb. Tacet, joined James and Doug aboard Chance for nibbles and pre dinner drinks and a chat. We had such a good evening that we did not notice how the time was flying by and by then we were too tired to go out so Doug rustled a cheese board and June a fruit salad which we all enjoyed.

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