Friday, 5 April 2013

Freaky Friday - Friday 5th April 2013

Having retrieved my Bus Pass yesterday we decided to take the bus from Banbury to Braunston via Daventry. Catching the No 200 bus at 10.15am we headed for Daventry which is only 16 miles away but because the bus detours to the lovely Cotswold stoned villages of Upper Wardington and Woodford Halse the journey took 55 minutes. The views over the Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire countryside were stunning and as we reached the highest point near to Byford we came across the remains of large snow drifts which were still 4 feet deep near to the hedgerows and showing no signs of melting away.
At Daventry we just had time for a coffee before catching the No10 bus to Braunston which took about 10 minutes, dropping us off at the church so that we just had a quick stroll across the field to Midland Chandlers. Having made our purchases I telephoned Doug and James to see if they wanted anything as we are to meet up next week and by CHANCE they had just ordered a new chimney over the internet so they cancelled the order and I bought the items.
We walked back to the Marina to catch the bus back to Daventry and then did a mad Trolley Dash around Tesco which is adjacent to the bus station as we had just half an hour to wait for the trip back to Banbury. As it happend the bus was 20 minutes late arriving and we had to wait another 10 minutes whilst the gearbox cooled down before the driver would start the return journey.Whilst we were waiting a lady in the queue was telling us that she had just bought Fish and Chips and if the bus did not arrive soon she would have to take a taxi home. As it was the bus arrived 2 minutes after she had hailed a taxi. With fingers crossed we set off for Banbury and luckily the gearbox held together long enough to get us home.
Phoenix ensured that we ended up chatting to lots of interesting people on the buses and in the shops as well as one lady Guide Dog Owner who had come into Daventry with her daughter and wanted to make a fuss of Phoenix.
Back in Banbury we did some M& S and BHS shopping and on the way back to the boat stopped to chat to a lovely couple, Peter and Annie off Nb. Anna Claire who moor in our marina and had just arrived in Banbury.
It was then back to the boat for dinner and a well earned rest after a long day out and about.
Have Banbury have Solved the Parking Problem
5Apr Carparking

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