Wednesday, 17 April 2013

No Problem Was Here - Wednesday 17th April 2013

We had a lazy morning exploring Hungerford and then watching Mrs Thatchers funeral before heading off just after midday. As the locks have to be left empty progressing up them is much easier and quicker than coming down. We passed Hungerford Church just before the swing bridge.
1 Hungerford Church
Moving on passed Hungerford common land the wind picked up and soon we saw the large sprawling house in which Jonny Morris used to live.
2 Jonny Morris house
I was asked why I did not put more pictures of Phoenix on the blog so here she is waiting patiently at a lock for Doug to walk her on to the next. Hopefully when she is a qualified Guide Dog she will be with an owner who likes long walks.
3 phoenix waits
At the Foxfield Locks work is almost complete on the installation of new Byewash weirs and the contractors are just doing the finishing off and tidying up work. I must say they have some impressive machinery these days and have built a roadway down to locks so that they can use it. What a far cry from the old days of shear legs and manual labour.
FroxField Byewash project
It now looks like spring has sprung and the daffodils primroses are blooming on the banks.
7 daffodills
At Little Bedwyn Locks the railway comes so close it is almost in the canal and as we locked up two trains sped past at a great rate of knots.
8 Train at Little Bedwyn
We eventually reached Great Bedwyn and had to move a couple of boats on the Visitor Moorings to make room for our two boats as there were large gaps between them. The one had broken down with nobody on board and the other was a broad beam hire boat who were quite happy for us to move them.
The Blackbirds were singing and the wind dropped so we settled down to tea and home made cake on the bank.
I then noticed a sign which showed that Nb. No Problem had over wintered some time ago at the exact spot we had chosen to moored.
91Who was here


  1. Yes our winter mooring of 2011, Oct - Dec. I put the sign up because I was aware that there were boats hoving to get space on the mooring and hoped that would keep them off while I went under the bridge for water and the services.

    As it was the canal was closed in Dec/Jan and all the hovering boats came to the visitor mooring, some were three deep!

    I was the only one paying!

    I told BW I was not happy with the situation and a couple of days later Sally Ash phoned me and told me that my winter mooring fee would be refunded!

    Could you do me a favour and take the sign down.. I forgot to do that when I left.. Ha, as you can see!!

    Don't miss out on the baker in Gt Bedwyn, just to the left as you get to the triangle of grass.. Very friendly and very popular.

  2. Hi Sue, I have taken your sign down and yes we did sample the bakers, great bread and pies.
    All the best
    Nb Autumn Myst