Wednesday, 9 May 2012

8th May

Nice bright sunny morning with a hint of early morning mist. Sat watching the Grebe fishing at the side of the boat whilst we had breakfast.

* Morning Mist on the Flashes

* Grebe Fishing for Breakfast outside the boat

Just as we set off two other boats left their mooring in front of us and we had to follow them all the way to Middlewich. On the way we stopped at the Waste Disposal Site which is adjacent to the canal and provided the ideal opportunity to dispose of the old engine oil as well as our household rubbish. Just as we left we were passed by the Canal Voyages Hotel boats.

* Canal Voyages Hotel Boats

We decided to stop for shopping and so did the boats in front so when we came to set off again we now had three boats in front of us to go up the Middlewich locks but hey ho that’s boating and why rush particularly as the weather was warm and we could enjoy the sun.

Fortunately the boats in front turned off towards Barbridge so we had a good run to Wheelock. On the way out of Middlewich we passed a colony of young Swans sandwiched between the canal and the main road.

* Swan Colony

We moored up at Wheelock close to the San Marco Italian Restaurant and booked a table for the evening to celebrate Carolann’s BIRTHDAY, I am too much of a gentleman to say her age but she is over 21.
It was a great meal and was preceded by Champagne on Autumn Years.

9th May

Reversed back to the Water point and filled our tanks before tackling the next 14 locks to Rode Heath.
* June Working the Locks

A lovely warm day and most of the locks were in our favour so we made good time to Rode Heath where we moored up opposite a Swans nest. The Cob came over immediately to see what food was available and the Pen decided to leave the nest for a short rest. Soon the local Mallards had joined in and June had a full time job feeding them.

* Mom leaves the nest

* Locals call to see what’s going.

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