Wednesday, 16 May 2012

16th May
A later start this morning even though we a had bright sunny morning and after passing through some lovely scenery with fantastic views over the countryside to the east we came to Hartshill BW Yard where 6 boats were either about to move off or were in the process of preparing to move, fortunately in the opposite direction to us.

* Long views over the open countryside to the east

Continued on towards Nuneaton on a lovely winding part of the Coventry canal which at times you would think was a river. In the distance were the mountains of Nuneaton, in this case the spoil heaps from granite quarrying.

* River or Canal

* Mountains of Nuneaton.
A we approached Valley Cruisers Marina we spotted two swans with a signet riding on the back of the pen. Why is it that the camera is never there when you meet such a great shot. Later as we came to Charity Dock at Bedworth we came across the signets still on the nest with mom in attendance.

* Signets on the Nest
The one memory I have about travelling through Nuneaton is the mile or more of Allotments along the offside, most well attended with some interesting crops.

* Allotments

* More Allotments

* In amongst the allotments was this lovely bank of Forget-me-nots.

Soon we reached Marston Junction where the Coventry and Ashby Canals join and provides the dilemma of which way to go. Graham and Carolann will know what I mean.

* Marston Junction

Did not see a boat through Nuneaton but no sooner had we left than boats seemed to be coming towards us every few minutes. I think everybody had decided that now was the time to go out. However, when we reached Hawksbury Junction we found it almost empty with plenty of mooring on both sides of the stop lock, most unusual.
Moored up just through the stop lock just in time for lunch.

* Hawksbury Junction

In the afternoon I went for a walk and found a newspaper and general store just a few minutes stroll into Hawksbury Village and bought June a copy Magnum which tatsed just as good as the real thing.
Hawksbury Junction or as it was know Sutton Stop, after the lock keeper, was a major  point for the canal people to congregate in days gone by as they would come here to get their load orders and stay in the winter when the canal iced over as they had the facilities to hand.

* The Greyhound Pub and Canal Cottages at the Junction.

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