Thursday, 3 May 2012

1st May

Set off in a strong cold wind which always seemed to be against us. The canal was much busier than we had experienced coming down with several boats on there way to Liverpool and as we came to Sacrisbrick Marina two boats went in front of us and we followed them all the way to Burscough where we moored for the night just before it started raining.
After lunch the rain stopped and we did some Tesco shopping and then I changed the engine oil and filter and did the usual maintenance jobs on the boat for the 300 hour service.

* Autumn Years on the Leeds and Liverpool

* Looking back down the lovely Leeds and Liverpool

2nd May

This morning we travelled through the lovely Douglas valley with beautiful views across to the rolling wooded hills to bridge 44 where we moored up for the day. Great spot overlooking the river and woods so we got the chairs out and enjoyed the afternoon sun, well at least some of us did as June decided to clean the polish off the rough walk areas on the roof with a toothbrush!! Graham washed Autumn Years and Carolann and I supervised from the bank.

* June opening one of the many Swing Bridges

*Afternoon enjoying the Sun

Later we walked back to Appley Bridge and found a post office and general stores.
In the evening whilst playing cards, 2 Fallow Deer were spotted coming out of the woods into the field next to the boat and treated to a great sight.

3rd May

Whilst having an early breakfast we spotted 2 Roe Deer in the field right next to the boat; as soon as we opened the cratch they dashed off to the cover of the wood. I had hardly made a sound but they picked up on in it.

* Roe Deer
We motored off towards Wigan spotting our first Canada Geese chicks and then meeting Jane and Colin on Nb Slow Gin. They moor near to us at Brinklow and were on the VHF radio course I did at Balsall Common. We revered back and had a quick chat; they were off to Liverpool for 4 days and then going up the Ribble Link .
At Wigan we passed the famous Wigan Pier and then filled up with water mooring up for the day at Pennington Flash again.

* Wigan Pier

* Wigan Pier

June had been steering the boat and made a great job of bringing her into the mooring.

* June at the Helm

* New Lift Bridge and unfinished Marina at
Plank Lane

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