Saturday, 19 May 2012

18th May

Unloaded the remainder of our bits and pieces and cleaned up the boat ready for our return.
There was virtually no wind when we got up this morning but after doing our jobs we decided to have a pump out and of course the wind had now become quite strong. Leaving the pontoon was easy but the wind was from the north east and just blew the bow around in the wrong direction despite the best efforts of the bow thruster. So it was a case of reversing the boat down to the pump out station which actually saved having to turn the boat around as the outlet is on the port side.
Returning to the pontoon I decided it was easier to go in bow first and indeed that proved the right decision as we moored easily despite the wind.
A final clear up and close down of the various systems and we were heading for home.
On the way we stopped off at the entrance to All Oaks Wood to leave a copy of the Sandhills Owners list with Debbie and James on Nb Lois Jane and wish them well. They were just about to set off for Atherstone where they had found a guy who could have a look at their generator which was playing up.
Reached home for lunch and then had a phone call to say that June's mom could come out of hospital so we up'd and went off to fetch her home.

19th May

Back home again, why does everybody seem to be rushing about and there is never a parking space. Wish we were back on the boat. Well no problem for me as I am off to Plymouth tomorrow for a week to go sailing with some friends leaving June to do the washing and sort out the garden which is not too over grown despite the rain they seem to have had here.

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