Wednesday, 30 May 2012

30th May

Today we were woken at 4.15am by June’s moms alarm system telling us that she was suffering with her heart again and the ambulance had been called. I drove June around to her mom so that she could go with her to hospital.

Whilst June looked after her mother I decided to go to Sandhills Boat Builder at Astwood Bank, they were our boat builders.
As I set up the Sandhills Owners Group website I like to keep in touch with them and keep abreast of what is happening. Today I was taking pictures of the current boat in build for Tony and Pat. I have been nominated by Tony as their official Photographer for Nb Tilda (not that I am any good as a photographer, I really need some lessons on how to compose a picture).

I had only been their a few minutes when Tony and Pat turned up on one of their regular progress visits so it was great to be shown around by Tony who was bubling with excitement and enthusiasm about how Tilda is taking shape. I remember the feeling well.

Tilda is a traditional narrowboat with a lovingly restored Gardener Engine and a back cabin with a modern twist. They were originally planning to have the traditional scumbling in the engine room and back cabin but have now gone for a red/white and grey/white theme which looks great and gives a very spacious feel to the areas.

* Back Cabin Looking Aft

* Back Cabin Looking Forward.
* Engine Room looking Forward with generator on side
* Engine Room from Side Hatch
* Engine Room Looking Aft

The boat is based on a Norton Canes hull which Mark and Gary from Sandhills says is exceptionally well built and each side of the centre line is an exact mirror image of one another, a  sign of quality.

* Saloon

* Front Step with drop down door to house Glass Front Door.

* Shower with Window to Porthole

* Wash Basin

* Galley

On returning home I checked on June who was still waiting to hear if her mother was to be discharged or kept in hospital so I uploaded some of the photos to the Owners website so that Tony and Pat’s friends can see the progress being made on the boat.

The owners who have booked the next build slots also watch the site so that they can see the progress and build into their designs any good ideas they see for their own boats.

At 5.00pm we heard that June’s mom is to be released from hospital so we go and collect her amidst a major rain storm which flooded the roads around the hospital in matter of minutes. Fortunately it did not last too long and we were able to get her home in the dry before the heavens opened up again.

We returned home shattered.

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