Thursday, 31 May 2012

31st May

Phoenix has Arrived

Phoenix our 15th Guide Dog pup arrived this morning.
She is a lovely 7 week old Retiever cross Labrador and is very confident.
No sooner had she entered the house than she was off exploring and then went out into the garden to explore some more. She is also very vocal letting you know when she wants some food and when she wants to go out.
I can see that we have another challenge on our hands.


  1. I have the utmost respect for what you do but, how do you manage to part with them, it must be heart breaking..

  2. Hi Lesley
    We just have a good cry and get on with the next one. We are normally too busy with a 7wk old puppy to dwell on the last one and we get to go and see them working in harness during their training.
    Unusually one of our pups was placed as a Guide Dog in our town and we very often see her working, it makes us so proud of them and makes all the heart ache worthwhile.
    Best wishes
    Bob and June
    Phoenix sends her love to the boys