Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29th May

As I forgotten to take my USB lead with me I could not upload any photographs from my camera so I though that I would include a few for continuity.
I could not resist taking this picture of Magic who had been on his first canal holiday and seemed to have enjoyed it.
 * That's Magic
Our walk back along the canal took us past the entrance to the marina and I was able to take a picture of it as I am usually too busy negotiating the turn to get my hands on the camera.

* The Entrance to the Marina is via one of the lovely Horsley Iron Works Cast Iron Bridges

* Looking back to the entrance from the road bridge

We had a lie in this morning but I still managed to wash the other side of the boat before 7.00am. The weather was perfect and lovely and warm, you would have thought it was March again!!
Meanwhile June oiled the final part of the floor so that it would all be fine and dandy for our next visit.

* Nicely washed boat on the pontoon

It was a glorious morning and unusually for Brinklow there was not a ripple on the water. We really did not want to leave but commitments did not allow us to stay any longer. Can’t wait to get back.

* Is this really windy Brinklow.

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