Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Meeting–Monday 30th June

We awoke this morning to a lovely mist over the canal, not an Autumn Myst but a Summer mist. We made and early start and went through Pigeon Lock after passing the eccentric garden and then on to Enslow Wharf where we spotted Nb King Arthur still moored there.1Mist

Slow going passed all the moored boats until we reached Bakers Lock where we joined the river Cherwel for a fast trip down to the Shipton Weir Lock.IMG_4478

This is another of the lozenge shaped locks where the river joins the canal and they both have gates which are very heavy to operate. Here’s June taking the boat through the lock and holding it nicely in the centre.

2 Lock

As we entered Thrupp we passed this boat with a lovely show of flowers both on the roof and down the Taff seat supports.IMG_4482

There were plenty of places to stop in Thrupp had we wanted to but we liked where we stayed last night better.


As we motored through Kidlington we caught up with a hire boat with a group of Norwegians aboard. They were planning on going into Oxford and then onto the Thames and  we followed them down to Dukes Cut. There were 4 boats waiting to come up as we went down and it was quite congested at the entrance to the cut. We turned in and as we went up the small lock onto the cut a boat came the other way and had to reverse so we could get out as boats were moored where there should be the lock landing. Even if it is not official it is not the best place to moor.

As we came to the entrance to the Thames who should be just coming out of the Lock cut but Nb. Autumn Years, what perfect timing. We motored side by side for a while as we said our hello’s and then moored up for water just after Eynsham Lock where we could say hello properly.

3 Meeting

The Thames here is very pretty and winding and with glorious weather you could not wish for more.

4 Thames

We moored up just passed Eynsham Lock for the night. Later Nb Angonoka came passed and moored up around the next bend. Cressy came down and took Jimmy out for a play on the field, oh and Judy came too.

Graham and Carolann came aboard for afternoon tea and later we were invited to Nb. Autumn Years for dinner.


Is this the definition of being Dog Tired. Jimmy with a Polo lodged on his nose when fast to sleep.



  1. I loved that mooring just beyond Eynsham lock when we did the upper Thames a couple of years back.

    Autumn Years passed us just after we'd turned around and gone back to our breasted-up mooring at the Crick Show. We just had time for a quick hello, and confirmation that they were friends of yours!

    1. Hi Adam
      Yes it is a super spot, full of wildlife. Autumn Years mentioned that they had seen you, these Braidbar boats get everywhere don't they. Hope that you and Adrian are keeping well.