Saturday, 5 July 2014

Down River–5th July

This morning it was time to wind and head down stream towards Oxford. Initially the weather was not as bad as forecast, in fact it had been dry for the 2 hours before we decided to leave. Just after we had negotiated St John’s lock it started to mizzle and  stayed over cast all the way to Radcot where the sky looked black so we decided to moor up. On route we stopped at Grafton Lock to fill both boats with water. Another excellent fast filler provided from what looks like a fire hose.
Just as we were having morning coffee the heavens opened for a few minutes and then the wind dropped and we had a lovely afternoon. Whilst June watched the Wimbledon Ladies Final I took Jimmy a lovely walk down river passed Radcot Lock following the well maintained Thames Path. A few cruisers came out for the day from the Radcot moorings and went down returning in the early evening, but other than those the river was very quiet.

As we left Lechlade this morning we noticed that a couple of Canadian Geese had what appeared to be orange rings around their lower neck. I believe that they are used for tracking purposes and some have GPS trackers in them.

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