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Cookham to Windsor–18th and 19th July

After a last nights thunder storm we headed down river with a dubious sky and lightening in the far distance. We were soon passing Cliveden House high up above the beech tree clad hillside. Those of you old enough may remember it for its involvement in the Profumo affair.

1Cliveden House

Just before Maidenhead the Jubilee River goes off via weir. This is a man made 7 mile river built as a flood relief system re-entering the Thames just below Windsor. In the lock cut is this house with a model of an old man sitting in a chair. It represents Richard Dimbleby who used to live here on Boulters Island 1913-1965.. The picture at bottom left is Boulters Lock with 3 narrowboats and a cruiser who we had travelled with from Cookham Lock.  The working narrowboat is the Ovaltine boat.

2 Jub Maid Dimbe Oval

As we left maidenhead we saw these lovely houses just before the Railway bridge which is said to have been the widest brick built span when it was first built and as you pass under you can create a nice echo.

3 Maid Railway bridge

Bray is full on fabulous houses including these two the bottom one being of note because of its owners recent boat trip to court.

4 Bray houses

At Bray Lock we had two swans come up with the boats and once the two with signets saw that they were on their territory all hell was let loose at the closed gates. Here June and the Lock keeper are trying to separate them which they eventually did and the two invaders came down the lock with us to safety. Apparently George, the swan, is very fierce and protective. The second picture is of Bray film Studios and the third is Oakley Court, now an up market hotel but once the home of Hammer Films and featured in many of their horror films.

The final picture is one for Bill as it is the landing stage for Windsor Race Course where I am sure he has officiated on many an occasion.

5 Swan bray Oak e

We moored up on Baths Island which is a very popular venue for locals at evenings and weekends as they come over for picnics and BBQ’s although they are officially band. We squeezed into the only available spot just in front Al and Del on Derwent 6 and they joined us all for afternoon tea on the grass bank.  As we walked into Windsor to do a quick shop, it was too hot at 32 degrees to do anything else, we passed this replica Hurricane erected in honour of local man  Sir Sydney Camm the designer of the aircraft and also of the Harrier VTOL . In the remodelled station is this replica engine aptly named “The Queen” built at Swindon works. On the river on many tens of swans and these modern replicas of the yellow DWUKs.

9a Duck hurr Girl

Later as it cooled and on Saturday  we explored Eton and Windsor. Here we have Eton Porny School; Porny is an  
odd name for a school but the school was founded with a bequest from Richard Porny who was a Master at Eton 
college. New & Lingwood  a local School Tailor, the stocks with the fire insurance emblem on the house above.

Eton housemaster HE Luxmoore, created a lovely garden on Tangier island in the Thames just beside the Chapel. It is hidden behind the college near to the river lock.

6 Eton Road

Eton College is very impressive and reminds one of the Oxford Colleges. It was originally built in 1441 for 70 poor scholars but now around 1280 boys attend. the cannon in the lower picture was captured from the Russians at Sevastopol in 1855.

7 Eton School

On Saturday we explored the Castle and the Mile Walk. There were large queues of foreign tourist waiting to go into the castle so we did not bother to try. It is a very impressive sight from anywhere in the town and for a long way off.

9 Castle mile

10.45 on Saturday was the Changing of the Guard ceremony. The 1st battalion the Welsh Guards, with their band, marched from the barracks through the town and into the castle grounds for the change over and we stood outside to watch amongst large crowds. A very moving sight. Several flower sellers dressed in sumptuous dresses were to be seen parading about the cobbled side streets opposite the castle.

9b guard change

Next to the castle is the Guild Hall and Registry Office where Charles and Camilla were married and next to that is the old Crooked House which leans in several directions.

9 c

We spotted this Fire Alarm Telegraph point in the wall of Eton College presumably to call the fire brigade in days gone by. On the bridge over to Baths Island is this sign and saying that a Police Operation is in Progress. The only policeman I could find is and X.

9 d

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