Friday, 11 July 2014

Didcot by Bus - Thursday 10th July

Lovely sunny morning when I took Jimmy a walk; we crossed the river at Abingdon lock and I could not help taking this photo of Autumn Myst and Autumn Years moored in the sun by the park and swimming pool.20140710_071625

By the bridge is the old Mill Stream with its lovely old cottages and delightful show of flowers,

Abingdon Mill steam

We decided to have a rest day and so jumped on the X2 bus to Dicot, passing the old power station where one of the cooling towers is to be felled on 27th July. Very impressive close updidcot power station

Didcot is not how I imagined it to be. There were far more shops and lots of flags denoting the countries of the World Cup Football. The picture on the left shows the change from very New Cinema to very Old where the new shopping centre has been built right up to the old cottages.

A Dicot town

En Route we passed through the lovely village of Drayton.

Drayton collage

We caught the X1 back to Abingdon which goes via Sutton Courtney and we saw the old Courtney Manor House and the Church. The village is close to the Thames and only a stones throw from Culham Lock.

Sutton Courtney

It turned out to be a lovely evening and so after taking Jimmy a last walk we retired to the bank for G & T’s with the crew of Autumn Years until quite late.

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