Sunday, 20 July 2014

Runnymede and the Magna Carta–20th July

Although the sky was overcast this morning it was warm and we had some great views of the Castle and the Crown Estate of Home Park between the Victoria and Albert Bridges. Just before Victoria Bridge the Jubilee River completes its 7 mile journey and re joins the Thames.

1 Castle views

This stretch of the river provided many and varied boats including these House Boats, Steamer, Barge and a cruiser called Royal William.

2 Boats

We moored up in Runnymede on a nice mooring adjacent to the park where all the locals had come to enjoy the hot weather, river and have picnics.20140720_144053

After an early lunch we walked back along the river to the Fairhaven Memorial Lodges which were designed by Sir Edwin Luytens and built as a memorial to Sir Urban Broughton MP who bought Runnymede in 1928 to safeguard its future.20140720_130447

We then crossed the road and made our way to the Kennedy Memorial sited in an acre of land given by the Queen to the citizens of the USA in 1965. It was designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe and is maintained by the Kennedy Trust. It is made up of a Woodland, The 50 Steps of Individuality to represent the states of the US at that time and the Seat of Contemplation.

3 kennedy

A little further on is the  Magna Carta Memorial designed by Sir Edward Maufe and erected by the American Bar Association in 1957. Runnymede is the site on which the Magna Carta was agreed in 1215, it is a charter which marked the foundations of civil liberty and has formed the constitutions of many countries including the USA.

4Magna Carta

A walk up Coopers Hill brings you to the RAF Memorial to the Commonwealth Airmen who lost their lives in the 2nd World War. It is a very moving visit with the tributes from relatives and the list of over 20,000 thousand who lost their lives to keep our freedom.



The Memorial has a balcony with spectacular views across the Thames Valley including Heathrow Airport and you feel that you could almost touch the aircraft as they take off overhead.


The control tower and terminals at Heathrow.


Whilst having our nightcap at 9.45pm we heard music coming from the river and looked out to see this narrowboat lit up with chain lights along the roof and with a gazebo on top. Musicians were playing guitars and drums.


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