Thursday, 17 July 2014

Marlow and Cookham - 17th July

Decided to make an early start as the forecast was for it to be very hot today and  a good job we did as when we moored up for the day in the shade of some large beech trees the temperature was 29 degrees in the shade.

We first went by the village of Medmenham. The village lane ends at the Old Ferry crossing which ceased to be used after the Second World War. It was where the Thames towpath crossed from the Buckinghamshire to Berkshire bank of the river. On the towpath beside the former ferry crossing stands the large Medmenham Ferry Memorial that commemorates Lord Devonport's successful 1899 defence of the public right-of-way over the ferry.

There are too many lovely houses to include here but here are a couple of them.

1 Mendenham

Spotted this icecream boat which was used at Henley Regatta and later at Harleyford the steamboat Alaska which we had seen yesterday as part of the Swan Upping fleet. Alaska is the oldest working passenger steamer on the Thames and was used by the Queen in 2009 when she witnessed the Swan Upping and was in the 1000 strong fleet for the Diamond Jubilee. Originally it was coal fired but now runs on compressed wood waste briquettes.

3 Boats

Temple Lock is the half way point of the journey from Oxford to London.


Nearing Marlow we pass Bisham Abbey built in the 14th and 16th centuries and now the home of the Central Council of Physical Recreation which brings together players and coaches of various sports from weight lifting to rowing.

4Bisham Abbey

As we entered Marlow two boats left their mooring and so we decided to stop and have a look around. The town is of Georgian origins and has a white suspension bridge built in 1831-6 and reconstructed in 1966. The hotel next to the weir is aptly named “The Complete Angler”

5 Marlow

On our way down we passed this Robomower mowing the lawn right down to the river and this modern style house boat with its own gymnasium on the right hand side.. The Micron Theatre boat was moored outside the Bounty pub at Bourne End and is to stage “Till the Cows come Home” tomorrow night.

6 Misc

We found a nice mooring at Bellrope Meadow in Cookham, in the shade under the trees for us and in the sun for Autumn Years. Opposite used to be a magnificent old house which looks sadly neglected now, a real shame. We went on a short circular walk around the village and sat in the cafe garden to eat our icecreams. But it was really to hot to do any serious exploring. Cookham bridge is an iron structure made in Darlington and erected in 1867.

7 Cookham

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