Monday, 27 May 2013

What happened to the Rain - Monday 27th May 2013

We left the boat at 9.30 am and joined the queue to go into the Crick Show at 9.55am and were surprised just how many people had arrived so early. Perhaps it was the lovely dry sunny weather even if there was still a strong cool breeze, hence the coats in the picture.
A Crick queue
We made our way straight down to the floating boat show area before it got too busy and had a look around the boats to see if there were any ideas we could could use on Autumn Myst. Whilst there were some nice boats on show we could not see anything which we felt matched ours and so went away very happy with our lot.
C Show Boats
As we turned to go back into the main show ground we bumped into Adam and Adrian who invited us back to Nb Briar Rose to have a look at their new paintwork, which I must say looked a treat as did Adams Buckby Can. It was good to see and chat with Adam again and to meet Adrian, hope to catch up with you again in the future. Looking forward Adam, to reading your boat reviews in Canal Boat.
B Briar Rose new paint
Ian and Karen from Nb Tacet had recommended that we should visit the Wild Side Preserves stand run by Andy and Helen Nb. Wand'ring Bark and after sampling their produce mainly collected from alongside the canals we made a purchase of some lovely Plum and Elderberry Preserve.
E Wild side produce
We had to visit the Beta stand (which we would have done anyway) as Adam had told us that they were offering oil and fuel filters for £5, and excellent purchase was thus made. From the Bedazzled stand we bought a 12v  LED bulb to replace the 240v bulb in our table lamp.
As we wondered around the various trade stands we came upon the BCF (Boating Christian Fellowship) and met Guide Dog Oakley and his owner Tracey Clarke so were able to get our dog fix after losing Phoenix. We had a lovely chat to Tracey and found out that she had spent the last two weeks on a narrow boat and Oakley had been helping her work the locks even to the extent of helping to push the gates open. This was the first time Oakley had been on a boat and whilst he enjoyed the experience he was not too happy when the engine was started. So it just demonstrates taking our pups on the boat is a great experience and they may well end up working for an owner on a boat. Tracey is the editor of BCF Word, their magazine and I was able to obtain a copy of an article Oakley had written about his life so far which I will pass on to our Puppy Walking Magazine, Puppytails, which I used to edit as they are always looking for new and interesting articles.
F Oakley
With tired feet we left the show and headed back to the boat to collect the final load and make our way home.


  1. It was really great to see you both this morning. Glad you had a successful day at the show.

    1. It was great to meet up with as well Adam and thanks for the tips on Beta and the sausages.

  2. It was great to see you both - I hope you enjoy the jam!

  3. Lovely to meet you both and we will look out for you on the cut. The jam is great, keep up the good work.

  4. So glad you met up with Oakley and Tracy, was reading their article at the weekend and thought you would like to see it.

    1. Hi Ian and Karen
      Thank you for thinking of us, Tracey and Oakley make a great partnership and we wish them every success in their life together.