Saturday, 4 May 2013

Leisurely Day in Hungerford - Friday 3rd May 2013

After a lie this morning I took Phoenix a nice walk along the canal and then on to the Common Portdown which is a long strip of land running parallel to the canal and is ideal for dog walkers.
3 p in park
Today was a day for taking it easy and enjoying the glorious sunshine sitting in our chairs on the grassy bank of the wharf. C & RT came along in their flat and removed the broken ladder from Hungerford Lock and other than them we have only seen two other boats. Braidbar No19 which we saw moored at Pewsey and another boat travelling in the opposite direction. We called in to Tesco for some provisions and during yet another Fire Alarm we met a Guide Dog Puppy, 14 month old Timber, who goes into training 6 days ahead of Phoenix.
After lunch we went for a walk in the Nature Reserve and back along the Common so that June could see the trout swimming in the river Dunn. There seemed to be even more than when I walked the river yesterday. Wish I had had my rod as we could have easily caught our dinner.
2 trout
Walking back through the Church Croft we stopped to watch a game of Bowls and then enjoyed another of the delicious ice creams from the Tea Shoppie.
1 Game of Bowls
Later in the evening on Phoenix’s walk we decided to find the River Kennet which the River Dunn joins at Hungerford and found it just a short way from the boat. A nicely mown path led down from the bridge but it was private access only and used by the fly fishermen one of whom can be seen fishing in the distance by the willow tree.
a fly fishing on kennet
River Kennet Bridge with the mill stream on the left.
a kennet bridge
Walking up the river we came across Eddington Mill  a lovely old pile set astride the River Kennet and its mill stream, no longer used as mill but a £2 million home. Here are views of the front and back of the property.
9 Eddington Mill
There are lovely houses set along the mill stream all the way down to the bridge and this one took my eye with its blooming Magnolia tree.b 2 eddington mill
Just round the corner however we were brought back to reality with the tiny Gardeners Cottage, more the price we can afford.Image0493
Next door stood the original Hungerford Volunteer Fire Brigade building which is now used as a Hairdressers.The weather vain on the roof top still bears the initials HVFB.
a Volunteer Fire Station
Who would have expected to find a Giraffe in Hungerford but don’t worry it is not real but an exhibit in a garden art centre.
a Giraffe


  1. April? Are you going back in time??!

  2. Thanks Adam obviously a senior, senior moment.
    Hope all is well with you. We have seen several Braidbar Boats whilst on this trip and a 20year old one which looks like new after her repaint.