Saturday, 11 May 2013

Farewell to Friends - Saturday 11th May 2013

This morning it was time to say a fond farewell to our friends as they head down river towards their trip along the  K & A and I know that there was a tear in somebodies eyes. Nb Autumn Myst, Autumn Years, and Acen moored at Goring.
c mooring 3 boats
One of the unusual things we saw in Goring was this sign to cottages in the Church Yard and indeed the entrance to them was through a doorway in the in church yard wall. I have never seen such a thing before.
b Church Cottages
Streatley has some interesting little  passages with rows of cottages, a church across the meadow and the Swan hotel over looking the river.
e Steatley
At Cleeve Lock with its trees bursting forth with blossom we stopped to fill with water and then motored on passed the Sailing Club where youngsters were about to be taken out on Toppers.
g Blossom at cleeve lock
h goring sail club
Again today we had interesting collection of boats, one sunken, one moored below an Art Deco house, an inflatable canoe and a Canadian version.
i Boats
Just outside Wallingford we saw the magnificent Oxford University Boat House and some of their teams practicing.
j OUBC compend
We moored up just above the bridge with views over the town wharf to St Peters Church tower and the Boathouse pub. The first Wallingford bridge replaced the ford in 1141 and the current bridge was rebuilt after the great flood of 1809 and now comprises19 arches spanning 800 feet.
k Mooring
Wallingford is a delightful little town with a varied collection of old fashioned shops as well as a very large Waitrose store.
L1 Wallingford
It also has Kinecroft and Bullcroft which are grassed areas being the remnants of Saxon ramparts. Closer to the river is Wallingford Castle whose ramparts include part of the Saxon Town walls and was built on the orders of William the Conqueror in1067 after he crossed the river here.l Castle and saxon Ramparts
St Peters Church Tower and St Mary’s Tower.
l St peters
Walking back to the boat we passed Waters Violin Shop and I could not resist a look through the window. The shop walls were lined with violins and Chellos and double basses stood on the floor. I would have loved to have gone in and had a nose around but they had just closed.
M Violin compend

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