Wednesday, 15 May 2013

All of Half a Mile - Wednesday 15th May 2013

Just down the river from our mooring last night was a delightful Nature Park where Phoenix was able to have good run about and it was a mass of Cowslips and Bluebells.
1 Cowslips in Nature park
This morning we moved all of half a mile up river and then turned into the Sheepwash Channel in order to enter the Oxford Canal via Isis Lock. The photos show the turn from the river, the channel under the current rail bridge and the old rail swing bridge.
B Sheepwash Channel compend
Here, Nb. Bella, (Braidbar 109) can be seen entering Isis Lock, the arm which we reversed down, and our final mooring spot just a hop skip and jump from the centre of Oxford.
A Isis Lock Compend
Our afternoon walk up the river brought to light these two boats, the Gaiety is dated 1887.
C Boats compend
Further up river is a marina opposite Blossoms Boat Yard which looks out onto Port Meadow, currently under threat. Somebody decided to camp on the meadow, not sure if it was part of the protest. We crossed the meadow and walked back along the canal.
D Port Meadow Compend
In the morning we had taken a guided Bus Tour of the city to get our bearings and understand where the 21,000 students of Oxford University live and work.
In the afternoon we toured Worcester College with its sunken quadrangle and delightful gardens which are situated immediately opposite our moorings.
E Worcester College compend
We also called at the Ashmolean Museum and the meeting steps for the students although it was empty this afternoon.F Ashmolean and Meeting Point compend
A statue of a nude man by Antony Gormley (who sculpted the Angel of the North) was placed on the roof of Blackwell’s Art and Poster shop, on the corner of Broad and Turl Streets, at 9.30am on Sunday 15 February 2009.
The 7-foot-tall statue is made of iron and weighs half a tonne, and is part of Gormley’s “Another Time II” series of figures. An anonymous benefactor provided the funds for Exeter College to secure the sculpture. good job I had the telephoto lens otherwise June would have had to avert her eyes. G Naked man compend
Other sights included the Sheldonian Theatre, and Bodleian Library.
H Bodlean plus
The Bridge of Sighs, Lincoln College, and St Mary’s Church, the tower of which you can go up to get a fabulous rooftop view of Oxford or partake of tea and cake in the garden
H Bridge of Sighs plus
There is also an Indoor Market with its Cake Shop and outside preachers were proclaiming to a small crowd that Atheism was a temporary condition.
H Market compend
We returned to the boat tired and hot as the sun had come out and the morning cold wind had gone.

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