Saturday, 11 May 2013

Warship sighted on Thames - Friday 10th May 2013

We had a late start this morning as we went for a last walk around Pangbourne and Whitchurch and as we motored towards Whitchirch Lock we spotted this Grebe catch a large fish and have several attempts at trying to swallow it, eventually succeeding.
A Grebe with fish
Whitchurch is a lovely lock and there is a good view of the weir and surrounding property as you exit it going up river. There seems to be an abundance of Misteltoe in the trees this year and this one it typical of many we have seen.
B Pangbourne and Whitchurch
Just passed Beale Park we saw several Canadian Geese nesting on an island and it was possible to see their eggs as they did not seem too concerned about keeping them warm.
1 Goose on Eggs
All along the river towards Goring are some fabulous houses and here are a couple that we photographed. I loved the glass building overhanging the river.
D nice Pads
Today was one of those days for boats and we saw many different types including several rowing boats (reminded me of Three Men in a Boat) and cruisers with boys dressed as various animals.
C Boats
The thing that struck us on the journey up river as opposed to a month ago, when we travelled down like the wind, was that the trees had turned green and there were so many different shades that the camera could not capture them all.
5 Nice Greens in trees
About a mile and a half outside Goring we had a text from Graham and Carolann on Nb. Autumn Years saying that they had moored up at Goring and had got the kettle on. We soon reached Goring and moored up behind them ready for our long awaited HUGS.
6 First Hug
They are travelling with Jo and John on Nb. Acen and they invited us all in for coffee and chat. Note the Two Sisters sharing the dinette!!
After lunch we all went for a walk to explore the towns of Goring and Streatley which are divided by the river and in two different counties, Oxfordshire and Berkshire respectively,returning to Nb Autumn Years for tea and birthday cake. 
To everyone’s surprise we looked out to see a warship coming out of the lock and heading down stream. It was however a model being controlled from the cruiser in front of it. Apparently the guys on board had built the model and were sailing it down the Thames to London.
E destroyer on Thames
Later they all came aboard Nb Autumn Myst for champagne and nibbles to belatedly celebrate Carolann’s birthday. Afterwards we went out for dinner at the John Barleycorn pub, which had been recommended by the volunteer lock keeper and we had a delightful meal.
a John Barleycorn
The starter was a little unusual as we had Tomato and Basil soup served in a hollowed out hot bread loaf. No it did not leak and was almost a meal in itself.
a Bread
To round off the night we returned to Nb Autumn Myst for a great game of cards which yours truly unusually won.

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