Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cheeky Ducks - Saturday 18th May 2013

For the two days we have been at Thrupp these two ducks have been begging for food off all the boats along the mooring and when you open the side hatch they are straight up to it for food. They are so tame that they will take the food out of your hand.
A Cheeky Ducks
June decided to take the boat through the odd shaped Shipley Weir Lock as they gates are so hard to open and she managed the boat just like a professional picking me up on the river. We motored on to Baker’s Lock where we left the river and were back on the canal. The board on the left indicates the Green, Amber, and Red sections of the river level warning board.
B Bakers Lock
The Cable & Wireless Communications hub at Whitehill Earth Station is viewable from the lock.
C Satelite Dishes
Big Bull, no comment necessary I think.
D no Bull
Spotted Nb Edstone and wondered if this was the Edstone that once belonged to Sue? BW No. 502234
E Edstone comp
Just passed Pigeon Lock we came across this unusual boat on a sponsored tour of the canals in aid of the Macmillan Fund, a very worthy cause.
F Macmillan Tour De Canale 2013
If you love gardening but are living on a boat then this person has the answer as they are Miniature Garden Designers and have one on the roof of their narrowboat.
J Miniture Garden Design
On the stretch of canal leading up to Old Brighton Bridge we spotted this deer on the towpath and within 100 yds another Stoat, not quite a photogenic as the one at Theale however.
K Deer and Stoat
Whilst moored up for lunch Nb Glastonbury Tor came along moored near to us and came over for a very interesting chat as they recognised us from the K & A.
Later we had a call from June’s brother and sister in law to say that they were in the area and where were we. We had moored up for the day and so I went to meet them at the next bridge and walk back to the boat. Phoenix and Cassie had a wonderful time playing together even if Phoenix was a bit bossy. We had a lovely afternoon together enjoying tea and home made cake before they had to leave to return home.
L Cassie and Phonix
Whilst having dinner we watched through the binoculars a family of 5 Roe Deer in the fields outside the boat. They were just a little too far away to get a good photo with the low level of light. Hopefully we may see them again in the morning.

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