Thursday, 9 June 2016

What Chains - Thursday 9th June

All along the navigation through Leicester are these chains strung along the towpath wall. Searching the internet has not thrown up any reason why they should be there.


We made an early start before the day got too hot and were soon passing this tower block which had  letters in each landing window spelling Leicester Champions down from the top. In fact all along our travels for the last couple of days there have been Leicester Flags and bunting out on many properties backing on to the river.IMG_7926

Then at Freemans lock we passed the City Football Ground.IMG_7927

The river is getting narrower and windier by the mile and more difficult to see boats coming the other way although we did not encounter any until Whetstone Lock when there were 4 boats coming down.IMG_7930

The water is crystal clear on this stretch and there were hundreds of shoals of fish of all sizes.IMG_7931

Passing Blaby we could see the mill across the fields which was powered by the River Sence.


We moored up at Kilby Bridge just after mid day before it had got too hot.

Later we went to the Navigation pub by the side of the bridge for a meal.

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