Saturday, 4 June 2016

Keadby Lock in its Hayday - Saturday 4th June

Whilst June had a look around the control room of Keadby Lock a week ago, Mark the Lockkeeper, showed me these photos of how the lock used to be in its busy times..

Keadby 1

This picture gives you an idea of how big the lock is and how Health and Safety has changed since those days.

Keadby 2

What a difference to the swing bridge of today.Keadby 3

Sailing Barges waiting to leave or for cargo. They were usually crewed by two people often Husband and Wife. It sure was a tough life then.

keadbycanal 4

A local fisherman has sourced the photos and my thanks go to him for showing how life was, as we enjoy our boating in comfort and safety.

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