Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Homeward Stretch - Tuesday 14th June

This morning we left a little later than usual hoping to reach Brinklow before the forecast rain set in. Just passed Willoughby Wharf this canoeist had camped over night covering his canoe with a canvas cover.


At Onley there was only one boat moored when it is usually full; perhaps it could have something to do with the fact that there is now heavy plant and equipment digging out the new Barby Pools Marina. The marina layout is to take the form of a ‘clover leaf’ with a small Central Pool at its heart. This Central Pool will act as a formal water piazza for the public buildings and as a focus for the canal entrance to the marina. Three further Pools will provide secure (non residential) moorings for boats. Together the pools are proposed to provide 550 berths. I am not sure where all the boats will come from and if they do manage to fill it then Hillmorton Locks will not just be the busiest on the network but they could well be over loaded.


At the newly renovated Bridge 80 somebody has already taken a large chunk out of the archway presumably hitting it with a boat.

Down the Barby Straight there is a 90 foot mooring for sale at £90,000 with water but not electric laid on. I don’t know what the going rate for such moorings is but it seemed a bit steep to me particularly as the Barby Marina is right behind it.Barby Straight

We stopped at Hillmorton Wharf for diesel which was 60p/ltr but a notice on the door says it now closes on a Monday and Tuesday until further notice. Not sure what has happened there.

We carried on and went down the locks which were busy with boats coming up.

All along the canal to Clifton Wharf there are ground works going on which looks as though they are bringing in a water supply for the new development at The Rugby Radio Station Mast Site. The area will consist of more than 6,000 homes and developer is to provide access to the northern side via the A5 and access to the southern side via the A428 Crick Road. Eventually the site will have a population of around 15,000.

We stopped at Clifton Wharf for diesel at 75p/ltr and for the first time I can remember there was lots of room to moor at the wharf side. Last time we were there  for lunch at Bridge 66 cafe they were just working on a steam boat they had acquired and I believe when it is finished they will be offering steam boat experiences.

clifton wharf

We moved on and moored up at Brownsover so that we could go and have lunch at the M & S store at the new Elliot Fields Shopping Centre which houses stores like M & S, Next, T K Max, Debenhams etc. It is a very busy shopping centre now and just a short stroll from the canal. They have moved the water point from by the foot bridge to the centre of the park side mooring which seems strange and as yet they have not altered the 24 hour mooring sign; stranger still is that that it is the old type of point rather than the new stainless steel version.


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