Monday, 13 June 2016

Back on the North Oxford - Monday 13th June

This morning we left Crick and motored through the tunnel which although straight was quite wet in parts. We arrived at the top of the Watford Flight of 7 locks and moored up for a coffee as we waited for a single boat to come. In the background can be seen the M1 motorway bridge.IMG_7961

Just had time to finish the coffee and then we were off down the flight with a Husband and Wife team of Volunteer Lock Keepers lending a hand.IMG_7958

As we reached the bottom lock a boat had come up and was waiting in the first short pound. Its name was Niblic and the owner was a golfer hence the name. As his wife said it takes one to know one.


Just below the locks we went under the main line railway bridge and it is at this point that Rail, Canal and M1 all pass within a couple of hundred yards of one another.IMG_7964

The section of the canal down to Norton Junction is narrow and very shallow but soon we were turning onto the Grand Union main line which is much wider and deeper.IMG_7966

As we headed for Braunston Tunnel  we saw this lovely display of wild poppies in the adjacent fields.


We waited for two boats to exit the tunnel then went in passing another two on route. Although it is over a mile long it is reasonably straight and dry and the other end can be seen.


At the top of the Braunston Lock Flight we caught up with another boat and followed them down passing the Admiral Nelson Pub next to lock 3. Last time we went up the flight somebody had drained the pound next to the pub and the moored boats were leaning on their ropes.IMG_7972

A little further down is the Crooked Cottage.


We moored up at the bottom near to the marina entrance and after some lunch went up into the village to do some shopping.

Afterwards we moved on to moor up for the night out in the country. Just after we moored June’s brother phoned to say that they were in Braunston and where were we. They walked out to us and joined us for afternoon tea and cakes.

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