Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Puppy Walkers and Odd Job Day - Monday 5th October

Today we did the usual tidying and maintenance tasks on the  boat needed after a cruise and then decided to visit the shops at the enormous Ricoh Retail Park. Whilst there we bumped into two Puppy Walkers who had come to meet up with their Supervisor for assessment and training of their pups.  Carol with Sammy, had had 30 pups and we had a good chat about how our pups had got on and the changes we had seen over the years. The other PW was on his second pup and was to take him on a bus trip.

We also visited the Range a short way down the A444 from the Ricoh to buy some waterless wash and polish a boater had recommended. Well it was fatal as once inside it was like an Aldins cave and we came out having spent far too much money.


Back at the boat we packed away our clothes and got things ready to leave in the morning before the forecast rain arrived.This of course was interspersed with chats to the various boaters who were about and walking Tiana over the fields.

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