Wednesday, 7 October 2015

No Admittance - Friday 25th September

We called at the local shop for the morning paper on Tiana’s first walk of the day and then left Crick heading towards Welford. As we passed the first winding hole this narrow boat looked as if it had had too much throttle on when it was winding and ended up well and truly on the bank.


We stopped at Yelvertoft, bridge 19, for water as this is a fast filler, although the mooring is a little out of shape and we needed to put extra fenders down to keep the boat away from the protruding armco.


We moored up for lunch just after Bridge 36 as we wanted to go and explore Stanford Reservoir Nature Reserve and this was the nearest point to it on the canal. However we were disappointed to find that the gate was locked and the signs did not encourage visitors. A real shame as it looked a nice spot with lots of wild life. We had seen plenty as we had travelled along including Buzzards and another Kingfisher.


As an alternative walk we decided to explore the disused railway track which takes you back to the canal at bridge 40. On route we passed Kilworth Springs Golf Club which looked very nice but fairly new.


Back on the canal we were on a very meandering stretch taking us probably twice as far as we had walked along the railway track but still a nice walk. As most of the bridges are on bends the metal posts designed to protect the corners of the brickwork are heavily grooved by the rubbing of the old horse tow ropes.


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