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Blood Moon and not a Convenience Store – Monday 28th September

We set the alarm clock for 2.30am so that we could get up and watch the eclipse of the moon by the earths shadow. As the moon was at its closest point to the earth in its orbit and the colour changes to red it is known as a Super Blood Moon.  The first photo was taken at 2.30 when there was a slight mist which gradually cleared.

Moon 1

We were lucky as we had moored in the open countryside and we could see the moon from our bed through the porthole. I did get up to take the photos through the open hatch way, it was quite cool outside. As the moon gradually came into the earths shadow and the night sky became dark the number of stars we could see increased dramatically, a real thrill in itself.

moon 2

Later as the morning mist cleared we set off for Debdale Wharf for a pump out, which they did professionally for £12. They have a very wide range of services including DIY Blacking and Painting in a heated workshop. We winded and returned to the bottom of Foxton Locks where we turned left down the Market Harborough Arm.


First June had to operate the swing bridge which was not easy as you have to lift a lever and at the same time swing the bridge by pushing on a beam. It opened Ok but would not lock easily when returned to the closed position. Fortunately a young couple were waiting to cross and gave June a hand. They said that they had a similar problem on Saturday. They had just bought a map for the Leicester Ring as they planned to do it in the following 2 weeks. They were not sure how long it would take so I gave them a hard copy of my Canal Plan route with all the distances and times on for which they were very appreciative.


We motored on down the arm passing through the second road swing bridge and then through some lovely scenery. As we approached Market Harborough there are beautiful houses and bungalows with gardens down to the canal. IMG_6787

The visitor moorings adjacent to the basin were occupied so we decided to moor in the basin itself and moored on one of the pontoons in the sunshine. June went ashore and booked our stay with the management company where she received a very warm welcome. Once settled in I went ashore to pay the mooring fee of £10 which included electric.


The permanent mooring in the basin are on the other side  and are in the shadow of the apartments and do not seem to get the sun at all.


After lunch I walked Tiana down to the local Convenience Store just across the main road to get a paper and some basic provisions. However, the Asian shopkeeper refused to let me take our Trainee Guide Dog into the shop saying that I was not blind and ignoring my pleas that we could only train them by taking them into shops. So I gave him his paper back and said that in that case I would take my business elsewhere. I just hope that he never goes blind and has need of a Guide Dog.

So we walked down into the town and bought our purchases in the shops there, who all welcomed us with our Trainee Guide Dog. We also called at the Sainsburys supermarket and as we were loaded up caught the bus back.

As we had dinner aboard the boat the sky became streaked with red which was reflected in the basin water.


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